Thursday, September 8, 2011

Market Explorer

Never living in a city with an outdoor market my whole 22 years of existence, I came to melbourne taken back by the sights and sounds of a REAL Market. When i say market I mean rows of fruit and veggie stalls with vendors screaming out deals of the day, butchers with fresh cut meat of all sorts, bakeries, delicatessens, occasional home-wares and clothing shops, and topped off with a cherry of amazing little cafe style eateries. If you have never been to one, you haven't lived. Melbourne has many but my favorite is the South Melbourne Market.

 The word on the street is this place has THE BEST
 Dim Sims in Melbourne (notice the line to get one)

 Vanilla and Strawberry Macaroons, So good they make you 
want to cry and laugh at the same time.
 This was by far the cutest Veggie stall there. And it was organic!

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