Sunday, December 30, 2012

Zombie shuffle

This past october we participated in the Melbourne Zombie shuffle for the 2nd time! Hundreds of people dress up and march through the city. And we had an even bigger group with us this year! It was such a fun event and I couldn't pass up the chance before the year is over to post some photos from it! For information on the 2013 shuffle follow the Facebook page!!!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Cheer

Our christmas this year was wonderful! We went to a few events with family and friends, saw a gingerbread village in the city, and ate some very yummy food! I feel really blessed. Hope everyone had a wonderful day.

Trunk Diner

Sunny day, blue skies, great company and a damn good burger, that was or experience at Trunk DINERTrunk Bar and restaurant and Trunk Diner share the same building but the Diner is located in the courtyard area. No frills and affordable prices. We invited some friends of ours, everyone ordered a burger and we shared some fries. Just writing this post is making my mouth water.
You can sit outside under the red and white stripped umbrellas on a good day, and they have breakfast until 11:30am. DO IT!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Taco Truck-Melbourne

The other day my friend Kana and I had a little lunch date with a truck. Not just any truck, a TACO TRUCK! These guys drive around to certain areas of Melbourne and post where they will be on Twitter and Facebook, and people show up. Simple as that!
For all of you jaded people in LA and NY with food trucks on every corner, there are only a small amount of food trucks in Melbourne so these guys are extra special! Plus they really do have the BEST fish tacos, and they even serve them Baja style with the white sauce and cabbage! Just the way I like it! Recently they have built another truck so they might be in two places at once! Follow them HERE. Your welcome.

P.S. How cute is the truck??

Friday, December 7, 2012

St Kilda Favorites

The first time I came to Melbourne, my boyfriend took me on a date to a nice restaurant on the beach. It was love, not only between him and I, but the location where the restaurant was, St Kilda.
St Kilda is my absolute favorite area of Melbourne. It is a small suburb along Port Phillip Bay, if you didn't know Melbourne is located next to a Bay. Yup, no waves here. I'll admit, St Kilda is one of the more trendy areas, so it is expensive to live in, and because of the action surrounding, it is full of tourist and backpackers. But St Kilda is a short tram ride (trams 16 or 96) from the CBD (Melbourne's central business district), has some of the yummiest food, best bars, attractions and it is right along the beach. What is not to love?

St Kilda Faves
Luna Park(top)- This amusement park, has been open and running for 100 years and was actually styled from the original Luna park on Coney island. The main entrance face is a Melbourne Icon. 

The Esplanade Hotel or The ESPY- Dating back to 1878, The Espy was first a private home to a wealthy Philanthropist, then it was turned into a "Hotel" and entertainment venue after his death. There are many bars or pubs here in Melbourne called Hotels, and the reason is because in the early days, bars were only allowed licenses if they had rooms for their customers to sleep in. Even though most are just bars now with no rooms available they have kept Hotel in the name. Kinda confusing. All in all its a bar, music venue, and restaurant on the beach. 

Radio Mexico-The mexican food craze has FINALLY hit Australia! woooo! When I moved here there were hardly any Mexican food restaurants, and the ones that were around so mexican. And since I am from California and Mexican food is everywhere I totally missed it. Radio Mexico just opened up this year, and has Tacos, ceviche, and so much more! They even have $5 cans of (enter Spanish accent) "Tecate Cerveza". Oh yeah.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Weather report

Melbourne is known for its ever-changing weather. You walk out of your house with a tank top and the by the end of the day you need rain boots and an umbrella. My tip for anyone coming to this city is bring one of everything and you'll be alright.
I usually have a cardigan everywhere I go, just in case.
With summer approaching, we have days like was 95 degrees, with blue skies and we even made it down to the beach to cool down. Then believe it or not, tomorrow we are expecting a thunderstorm!
Oh Melbourne, you know how to keep it interesting! X.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Aussie Thanksgiving

When the holidays roll around I always have mixed emotions. I am so far away from my American friends and family, and I have a great people here in Aus too! But no matter the holiday, I always try to make the most of it.
Thanksgiving is strictly an American/Canadian holiday and unlike Halloween no one here celebrates
it unless u are roped in by a North American. This year was my 3rd and most successful aussie Thanksgiving. 
We had an abundance of help, with my bf and his sisters helping with the food and decorations, his oldest sis even made custom place settings to go over the silverware (shown below). We had a big dinner of 11 people. And it went perfect!!

I have to say it is always a weird feeling having Fall traditions, when it is spring time here.

If you are curious our menu was:
•Mashed potatoes
•Green beans with bacon, cranberries and feta ( these were a hit, I got the recipe HERE)
And Always....Deviled eggs!
Then for dessert......of course Pumpkin pie and apple cider!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Melbourne Bike Share

For the most part you can get around Melbourne without a car, by using the awesome train and tram system they have here. It is also pretty reasonable in price at around $7 a day. I use it everyday for work.
But recently I have been seeing more and more of these Bike Share stations all around Melbourne, I think they are a great idea. You can ride from one part of the city and to the other and drop your bike off at any station. Helmets are rented from certain 7eleven stores, and you can enjoy the bike for 2.60 a day!
It is wonderful to live in a city that is so accessible. Also not to mention bikes are great for fitness, clean air, and for traveling on a budget.
Just keep pedaling...

Friday, November 9, 2012

Hard Rubbish DIY

Ive never been one to pass up a DIY project. And in Australia, they have a thing called "hard rubbish day". Basically everyone puts their unwanted large items like, mattresses, couches, tables, tv's, out on the curb and the trash people come around and dispose of it for you. Most of it is really well, rubbish. But sometimes there are little gems just waiting to be made pretty again! So i found this beautiful piece sitting out on the curb near my house and I saw the potential. All up the whole project cost me about 50 bucks.

2 cans of black spray paint
1 can of primer
1 small can of gloss black paint
1 small can of "tacoma teal" paint
1 plastic drop sheet
Wood filler
Masking tape
Paint brushes

1: mixed a new paint color with paint i already had.
2. I gave the whole dresser a big wash and sanded every inch. Sanding helps to take the previous finish off to help the new paint stick.
3. I bought a wood filler at a hardware store and filled in the small cracks and chips. Let that dry for a few hours.
4. Primer that baby! I bought a white primer spray paint and coated all of it. Let dry.
5. Spray painted all of the base with a satin black spray paint.
6. Hand painted the drawers with my pre-mixed color I named "tacoma teal" and the handles with a gloss black.
7. Gave the whole dresser a second coat once it was dry the next day.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

New Melbourne

I headed into the city early before work the other day, and the train stopped at a different platform then usual. So I decided to go with it and take a new path through the underground walkway at Flinders Street Station headed towards Degraves street, and to my surprise I discovered some sights I'd never seen. It really made me happy to see the city through new eyes again! And I spotted some New York influences!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween in Oz

To anyone who is thinking about moving to Australia and currently celebrates Halloween in your home country, this post is for you. 
I never imagined life without my "normal" Halloween traditions like pumpkin patches, haunted mazes, carmel apples, trick or treating, and attending parties at the newest club dressed in lingerie as a costume while dancing all night with all the other half naked people. But remarkably I have been in Australia for three Halloween's now and have been without most of those things. I am alright. 
It was a bit of a shock to realize that once this time of the year rolled around things wouldn't be the same, because honestly it never crossed my mind. Halloween is known as an American holiday here, and a lot of the "old school" Aussies like to hold on to that. I've even had some hostility when bringing up the subject of Halloween. The way I see it is, American culture is very influential here and it is one of the last few things that they don't really celebrate. but for every Aussie who doesn't appreciate the holiday, there are a handful who love it!
This past Halloween(above), I did find a rad house party, everyone there was dressed up and it was probably one of the best Halloweens I have had! So as long as you make the most of it, no matter where you are you can have a blast! 
I have discovered that you can buy carving pumpkins at most grocery stores for a small fortune, decorations at $2 shops and party supply stores, and some events do happen around the city so you can dress up too! This past weekend we carved pumpkins, had pumpkin spiced lattes, ate some meringue  bones with raspberry blood and we are attending the Melbourne Zombie Shuffle this weekend. 


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Travel Tuesday's/USA trip part 1- Landscapes

While I was in America I took so many photos! Too many to put all of them up so I'm doing a 3- part segment on my faves.

Going from left to right; Coney Island WonderWheel(NY), Benjamin Franklin Bridge(PA), Huntington Beach Sunset (CA), American Flag in Times Square(NY), My friends and I Horse back riding in Hollywood(CA),  some old neon signs at the Neon Museum(NV).

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

In bloom

Its that time of the year where Allergies are are in 5th gear and every morning my head feels like a 100lb brick is sitting on my face, but despite all that, ITS SPRING! And its has been beautiful this week!
Living in Melbourne, I have come to the realization that sunny days need to be cherished, because it might start raining at any moment. So i have been taking advantage, and spending tons of time outside! My violas are in bloom and I took a walk to the community garden near my house and found a pink unicorn hanging out in the sun.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Green Monster

I discovered the "Green Monster" on Mr. Kate, a fun blog about, health tips, DIY and fashion inspiration.  For those of you who don't know, a green monster is a very yummy and nutritious smoothie usually involving some kind of leafy greens (kale or spinach), fruit and milk of your choice. You can really add anything you want to your green monster, as long as you stick with healthy clean ingredients. By "clean" I mean no added sugars, preservatives, and colors.
Apparently green monsters are pretty popular, and there is even a website dedicated to the movement. So i decided to try it and, I've been drinking my version of a green monster every other day for about two weeks. It's so simple, and you don't even need a fancy juicer, just a regular old blender. Enjoy!

My Green Monster
(Add to blender in this order)
1 Handful of Almonds
1-2 cups of Fresh Spinach
1/2 cup of Blueberries
1 Banana 
1 Cup of Soy Milk
Blend until smooth

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Travel Tuesday's: My USA fab four

As you all read last week, I am preparing for a visit to see family and friends in USA! Here are SOME of the fun things I will be doing while on my trip, one for each state I'll be staying in. I leave in two days! wooo!




New York

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Travel Tuesdays: Cheap & fun hotels in NEW YORK

So I have planned a spontaneous trip to America. Its been about a year an a half since I've been back home, I am really excited to see my family and friends.  Most of my family and friends live in California and Nevada, and last time I was there I only stayed on the west coast.

But THIS TIME I will be on the east coast for a week too! I will be in Wildwood on the Jersey Shore, Manhattan and Philadelphia. I will be visiting a friend who is from Philly, and I haven't seen her in YEARS! I am so excited I could pee my pants!

As I was searching for accommodation while we are in New York, I came across these two really unique hotels. Both of them are in super cool areas, and are so affordable! It was so hard to make a decision on which one to stay in. These are great for any traveler who is on a budget, but wants a step up from a Hostel.


Located on Jane street, between West Village and the trendy Meatpacking district, The Jane Hotel stands in all its glory. It is a step back in time originally built in 1907 it has an amazing story (I secretly think it might be haunted). Each room is modeled after a "cabin" on a ship. Small rooms with either a single or a bunk bed and a shared bathroom are your cheapest option. If you would like a bigger room they also offer a captains room with a bigger bed and a en-suite bathroom for a bigger price. Plenty of shops, bars and restaurants around and according to their website they offer bike rentals for hotel guests which is great because it is conveniently located next to the bike track next to the Hudson river. 


Originally my first cheap hotel find in New York. The POD is located in Midtown East and is walking distance to Radio City Music Hall and the main touristy area of Manhattan. They too offer bunk bed and single bed options, with shared bathrooms. If you cant be bothered to walk down the hall to the bathroom there are also other private bathroom options. This hotel is more modern than the other,  also has a cafe, and amazing views from the roof top. 

I ended up going with the oldie but goodie, The Jane. I really liked the idea of a more classic New York experience. Also another selling point for me is the bike rentals at The Jane. I think it is a great way to see the city. The price difference was significant, for two nights at The Jane, it was only  $230.00 US dollars. For two nights at The Pod, it was $380.00 US dollars. 

Both hotels are ridiculously cheap for Manhattan, and I would love to stay at The POD in the future, but for this trip, and what we have on our itinerary I think the location of The Jane is perfect. 

Oh as an added bonus, The Jane is VERY close to a place called The High Line. It is a garden/park that is built on an old railroad track. I first heard of this park on A Cup OF JO, one of my daily blog reads and I've been dying to go ever since!

Images sourced from linked sites.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

beautiful life.

 Since my last post I decided to take a break. Just really get my thoughts together and I have been on a mission to really find my self. So much has happened in such a short time. One of my oldest friends came to visit me from America! It was so nice to have that piece of "home" I was missing. I've decided that as much as I love reading blogs, and the fact I can talk to people miles away on facebook, I really get "down" when I use the internet too much. Trying to appreciate real life. And appreciate the people who are friends outside of the internet. Technology is great but can also cripple real communication.

 Also my birthday was last month and a friend of mine made me a beautiful gift for my was a quote hand designed and framed. I believe it suits my life so well...

"Do what you CAN with where you ARE with what you HAVE"

'Til next time..
A few photos highlights from the last few months.......

Friday, February 10, 2012

Something more...

Since my last post life has taken me for a whirl wind, summer is currently happening here, my De-facto visa has been approved (so I can stay in australia and work for 2 more years with no restrictions) and we are recovering from an expensive holiday season. All i have been doing lately is working my butt off.

Lately I have been sulking around our apartment, feeling sorry for my self. I don't really know why or how this happens but it does. I have a great boyfriend who treats my like a queen and he is always there for me. I guess I feel this way because I miss my friends and family back in USA and I just feel blah. 

I've been here in Australia for a year and five months, and I still haven't made as many friends as I thought I would. Don't get me wrong I have met some great people here and have done things that some people can only imagine, but no body can replace the friends you have had all your life, the ones who know everything about you. They are the people who you are 100% comfortable with, and you can sit together and say nothing, and it would still feel right. You can call them on a whim and just talk about your day. I miss that. Id have to say, I still haven't found that here. I guess that closeness comes in time.

My girls and I.....

So I have decided to do something more..a different approach to making new friends,
I am going to look into volunteering or taking a class. Hoping that I can meet some new people who are actually interested in the same things, and maybe find my self a hobby at the same time. 

Here are somethings I've come across in my search..........