Thursday, October 13, 2011

Camberwell Market

In a parking lot behind a row of shops, the Camberwell Market is held every Sunday from 7am until 1. It has everything from vintage dresses to cactus plants. It is not a food market, although they do have hot doughnut vendors that fill the air with a yummy smell. Anyone can rent a stall, and sell their stuff. Most sell second hand clothes, but there were a few local designers who sell new clothes too.
I usually work saturday nights, so waking up was a bit hard, but it was worth it. Even though it started sprinkling rain, the vendors were prepared and just packed up and waited in their cars until it passed. Everyone was really friendly and the prices were amazingly cheap. 

A few of my purchases....

Each stall had a unique theme.


  1. Yay thanks heaps for posting a pic of my stall! Glad you had a ball :):)

  2. Trish, Your stall was wonderful. Ill come and say hi next time i am there.