Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween in Oz

To anyone who is thinking about moving to Australia and currently celebrates Halloween in your home country, this post is for you. 
I never imagined life without my "normal" Halloween traditions like pumpkin patches, haunted mazes, carmel apples, trick or treating, and attending parties at the newest club dressed in lingerie as a costume while dancing all night with all the other half naked people. But remarkably I have been in Australia for three Halloween's now and have been without most of those things. I am alright. 
It was a bit of a shock to realize that once this time of the year rolled around things wouldn't be the same, because honestly it never crossed my mind. Halloween is known as an American holiday here, and a lot of the "old school" Aussies like to hold on to that. I've even had some hostility when bringing up the subject of Halloween. The way I see it is, American culture is very influential here and it is one of the last few things that they don't really celebrate. but for every Aussie who doesn't appreciate the holiday, there are a handful who love it!
This past Halloween(above), I did find a rad house party, everyone there was dressed up and it was probably one of the best Halloweens I have had! So as long as you make the most of it, no matter where you are you can have a blast! 
I have discovered that you can buy carving pumpkins at most grocery stores for a small fortune, decorations at $2 shops and party supply stores, and some events do happen around the city so you can dress up too! This past weekend we carved pumpkins, had pumpkin spiced lattes, ate some meringue  bones with raspberry blood and we are attending the Melbourne Zombie Shuffle this weekend. 


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