Friday, December 7, 2012

St Kilda Favorites

The first time I came to Melbourne, my boyfriend took me on a date to a nice restaurant on the beach. It was love, not only between him and I, but the location where the restaurant was, St Kilda.
St Kilda is my absolute favorite area of Melbourne. It is a small suburb along Port Phillip Bay, if you didn't know Melbourne is located next to a Bay. Yup, no waves here. I'll admit, St Kilda is one of the more trendy areas, so it is expensive to live in, and because of the action surrounding, it is full of tourist and backpackers. But St Kilda is a short tram ride (trams 16 or 96) from the CBD (Melbourne's central business district), has some of the yummiest food, best bars, attractions and it is right along the beach. What is not to love?

St Kilda Faves
Luna Park(top)- This amusement park, has been open and running for 100 years and was actually styled from the original Luna park on Coney island. The main entrance face is a Melbourne Icon. 

The Esplanade Hotel or The ESPY- Dating back to 1878, The Espy was first a private home to a wealthy Philanthropist, then it was turned into a "Hotel" and entertainment venue after his death. There are many bars or pubs here in Melbourne called Hotels, and the reason is because in the early days, bars were only allowed licenses if they had rooms for their customers to sleep in. Even though most are just bars now with no rooms available they have kept Hotel in the name. Kinda confusing. All in all its a bar, music venue, and restaurant on the beach. 

Radio Mexico-The mexican food craze has FINALLY hit Australia! woooo! When I moved here there were hardly any Mexican food restaurants, and the ones that were around so mexican. And since I am from California and Mexican food is everywhere I totally missed it. Radio Mexico just opened up this year, and has Tacos, ceviche, and so much more! They even have $5 cans of (enter Spanish accent) "Tecate Cerveza". Oh yeah.

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