Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Travel Tuesdays: Cheap & fun hotels in NEW YORK

So I have planned a spontaneous trip to America. Its been about a year an a half since I've been back home, I am really excited to see my family and friends.  Most of my family and friends live in California and Nevada, and last time I was there I only stayed on the west coast.

But THIS TIME I will be on the east coast for a week too! I will be in Wildwood on the Jersey Shore, Manhattan and Philadelphia. I will be visiting a friend who is from Philly, and I haven't seen her in YEARS! I am so excited I could pee my pants!

As I was searching for accommodation while we are in New York, I came across these two really unique hotels. Both of them are in super cool areas, and are so affordable! It was so hard to make a decision on which one to stay in. These are great for any traveler who is on a budget, but wants a step up from a Hostel.


Located on Jane street, between West Village and the trendy Meatpacking district, The Jane Hotel stands in all its glory. It is a step back in time originally built in 1907 it has an amazing story (I secretly think it might be haunted). Each room is modeled after a "cabin" on a ship. Small rooms with either a single or a bunk bed and a shared bathroom are your cheapest option. If you would like a bigger room they also offer a captains room with a bigger bed and a en-suite bathroom for a bigger price. Plenty of shops, bars and restaurants around and according to their website they offer bike rentals for hotel guests which is great because it is conveniently located next to the bike track next to the Hudson river. 


Originally my first cheap hotel find in New York. The POD is located in Midtown East and is walking distance to Radio City Music Hall and the main touristy area of Manhattan. They too offer bunk bed and single bed options, with shared bathrooms. If you cant be bothered to walk down the hall to the bathroom there are also other private bathroom options. This hotel is more modern than the other,  also has a cafe, and amazing views from the roof top. 

I ended up going with the oldie but goodie, The Jane. I really liked the idea of a more classic New York experience. Also another selling point for me is the bike rentals at The Jane. I think it is a great way to see the city. The price difference was significant, for two nights at The Jane, it was only  $230.00 US dollars. For two nights at The Pod, it was $380.00 US dollars. 

Both hotels are ridiculously cheap for Manhattan, and I would love to stay at The POD in the future, but for this trip, and what we have on our itinerary I think the location of The Jane is perfect. 

Oh as an added bonus, The Jane is VERY close to a place called The High Line. It is a garden/park that is built on an old railroad track. I first heard of this park on A Cup OF JO, one of my daily blog reads and I've been dying to go ever since!

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