Friday, November 9, 2012

Hard Rubbish DIY

Ive never been one to pass up a DIY project. And in Australia, they have a thing called "hard rubbish day". Basically everyone puts their unwanted large items like, mattresses, couches, tables, tv's, out on the curb and the trash people come around and dispose of it for you. Most of it is really well, rubbish. But sometimes there are little gems just waiting to be made pretty again! So i found this beautiful piece sitting out on the curb near my house and I saw the potential. All up the whole project cost me about 50 bucks.

2 cans of black spray paint
1 can of primer
1 small can of gloss black paint
1 small can of "tacoma teal" paint
1 plastic drop sheet
Wood filler
Masking tape
Paint brushes

1: mixed a new paint color with paint i already had.
2. I gave the whole dresser a big wash and sanded every inch. Sanding helps to take the previous finish off to help the new paint stick.
3. I bought a wood filler at a hardware store and filled in the small cracks and chips. Let that dry for a few hours.
4. Primer that baby! I bought a white primer spray paint and coated all of it. Let dry.
5. Spray painted all of the base with a satin black spray paint.
6. Hand painted the drawers with my pre-mixed color I named "tacoma teal" and the handles with a gloss black.
7. Gave the whole dresser a second coat once it was dry the next day.

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